New Homes

Family life is hard on even the sturdiest rooms.We can breathe new life into tired areas and dramatically improve their look and feel.We also make the whole construction process as seamless (and painless) as possible allowing you to continue to live your life! While we generally work with an architect and draftsman’s plans and documentation, we can in certain circumstances and given appropriate approvals, work with building plans you have developed yourself. Whatever the design, we’ll provide detailed and realistic costings and establish a timeline that you can live with – not something uncertain that can drag a project on for additional months.


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Custom design

If a client doesnt know where to begin the planning and design process or chooses not to engage an architect, our own design experience and expertise can be utilised to create the perfect outcome. The process is simple. We begin by seeking to understand what you are hoping to achieve with your project. We consider all elements from functionality and finishes to budget and council approvals. Once complete, we can then create a design and cost options for your consideration. We can then move on to construction and completing your design dream project.

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Want to rebuild your house?

We have an excellent design team and a construction team that will transform your house into your budget! What are you waiting for? Come and contact us!

Home Additions and Alteration

Looking to add some extra space to your home and the only way is up? Like most people you probably like where you live, your children enjoy.

New Homes

Need to knock down a few walls to create more space? Sick of that tired looking kitchen or bathroom? Need to knock down a few walls? We can help!

Custom Designs

Looking to add some extra space to your home? Allow our team to custom design and build your dream renovations!

Why Use Inov8 Building?

Its important to do your due diligence before making a financial commitment with a building company. Here is why we are Sydneys first choice.

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